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Locked Keys in Trunk Kitchener

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It is a big problem and inconvenience for one to lock his or her car keys in the trunk. It is such a horrible situation. Some people who have never experienced this before would think it’s a problem that could be solved easily. From experience, getting keys out trapped in the trunk is not as easy as some people think. In fact, it could put you in a serious state of confusion and worry. Whenever you mistakenly lock your keys in the trunk, do the following:

Contact Specialized Automobile Locksmiths

When you close your truck with your keys trapped in it, calling a few locksmiths that specialize in breaking into trunks is the first step to take. It is easier for a regular locksmith to open a locked car, but it is a different game with the trunk. This is because the trunk is actually designed in such a way that thieves would find it difficult to break into. Hence, you need to do the following when trying to break into your car.


If you have a smartphone, use it to search for nearby locksmiths. Call a few you’re able to find to know their prices and times. This must be done first and fast. If you later got another solution, call the locksmiths back and cancel your bargain, but the most important thing is for you to take action.

24 Hour – Locked Keys in Trunk Kitchener

Most locksmiths give a very low price which could be between $15-20 for their service. However, have it at the back of your mind that this fee is just for unlocking your car. So you’d be paying more—like $35 or more—to unlock the trunk. Ask the locksmiths for a more realistic time to get to your location. Some locksmiths would give you like 15 minutes, but they will only appear after 2 hours.


Make sure you tell the dispatcher to inform the technician that your keys are trapped in the trunk. You will trigger the alarm of your car if you break into it and the electrical system of the car would shut down, affecting the trunk and cAusing a big problem for the technician. The technician will need to use many tools including a snake camera to break into the trunk. Therefore, remind the technician of the situation you’re in whenever he or she arrives.


Don’t be 100 percent confident that the technician will be able to solve your problem. Yes, he or she may not be able to unlock the truck. This is because car manufacturers have really made the trunk to be highly secured. The back seats’ release levers are inside the trunk, and the battery protects the truck release. So if the technician is unable to open the trunk, move to the stage two.


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